Tuesday, 13 September 2011

September Blog

So, pretty soon after I got back from New York, I went to Liverpool.I’d been up that way several times before but I’d only ever seen the insides of school libraries and whilst those are very lovely places to be, I felt like I really wanted to see something of the city itself.Because every time I’ve ever been up, people have always been really friendly and nice to me (at the last school I visited in Liverpool – St. Edwards – they gave me French Fancies) and also I really love the Beatles.I always have done and I always will.

So I took my mum with me.

Because, unlike me or anyone else I know, she’s actually seen the Beatles play live.At Ipswich Gaumont on Wednesday 22ndMay, 1963. She says she can’t remember what songs they played though because she was screaming all the way through it.

So we drove up north together for a Beatles-themed Liverpool mini-break.

Liverpool didn’t disappoint me and I don’t think it disappointed my mum either.We went on a ferry across the Mersey – my mum started singing bits of the Gerry and the Pacemakers song – and we went to Mathew Street to see where the Cavern Club wasand sort of still is.And then we did a massive walk that took us by both the big cathedrals and then we went shopping and I have to say that Liverpool is a very good place to shop.In fact, it’s probably better than New York really except that I couldn’t find a pair of Puma trainers anywhere near as nice – or as cheap – as the amazing black and white ones I spotted in a shop near Union Square and should have bought but didn’t.

And then we went to The Beatles Story which was great.And the new Museum of Liverpool which was also great.And we had really lush fish and six chunky chips at the PanAm bar in Albert Dock. To be honest, it was probably the nicest fish and chips I’ve ever eaten and you didn’t actually need more than six chips each so it was ok.

But the very first thing we did was to jump on the Big Wheel.And then because we were so excited by the fact that the dodgy expensive souvenir photo came in a pack with a key-ring and a fridge magnet, we bought it.So I’ve put it up as this month’s blog picture. My mum is the tall one on the left and I’m the average height person on the right.I haven’t asked my mum’s permission to put this photo on the interweb so she might make me take it down….


Thank you for all the lovely messages I keep getting. I have a confession to make.I’m really struggling to keep control of my inbox. If possible, please could you contact me via my facebook page for all your general lovely stuff.That would be lovely and massively appreciated.But again, thank you so much.Now I best get back to work because I am busy writing something very very interesting….


  1. We've just been to Liverpool too! And we went on the wheel! And bought the (ridiculously expensive) photo! Liverpool's fabulous.

  2. Hello Keris...
    TWENTY QUIDS! TWENNNNNTY QUIDS! We had to have it though. Liverpool? Well lush :-)