Saturday, 25 August 2012

I Am Wearing DBC Pierre's Sunglasses.

Oh yes I am.

DBC Pierre.
Veritable Literary God of Vernon God Little.

Until a few hours ago, they were his you know.

They’ve got psychadelic Che Guevaras in each lens and they slip down my nose because DBC’s nose is obviously a bit bigger than mine.

He said he got them in Mexico and had them for years and that he didn’t really want to part with them but for charity he did.

So they were his and now they are mine.

And just like him, they are Dirty But Clean.

And I’m wearing them now as I write this blog – which is not that sensible because I can hardly see the screen - and if I don’t take them off soon I will have a headache the size of Cuba.

But I don’t want to take them off because they were DBC Pierre’s.  And when I wear them, some of his cleverness sinks into my head.


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