Wednesday, 11 December 2013

It's nearly Christmas...

Hooray and Happy Christmas to anyone who’s reading this!
And I’ve had a lovely piece of news.  Downside Up has been shortlisted for the Worcestershire Teen Book Award.  I’m ever so chuffed!  And I’m in really good company too.  The full shortlist is this:-

  • Anthony Horowitz - Russian Roulette
  • Hayley Long - Downside up
  • Patrick Ness - More than this
  • Annabel Pitcher - Ketchup Clouds
  • Jonathan Stroud - Lockwood and Co: The screaming staircase   
  • Rick Yancy - The 5th wave

Anyway, to celebrate this little bit of loveliness and also because it’s Christmas, I’ve decided to give away a couple of signed books.  Downside Up and What’s Up with Jody Barton?  If you’d like a chance to win these, you just need to email me via the contact form on my website with this exact message:
Hi Hayley, I hear Worcestershire is totally where it’s at.
Do this by midnight Sunday 15th December please.

(p.s That’s the iBunny in the picture.  I actually made those antlers for her.  I actually did.)

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