Friday, 1 August 2014

Very Lush New Editions

What's Up with Jody Barton? and all the Lottie Biggs books are now available with brand new lovely covers.  They also happen to be the August Book(s) of the Month on  This means that there'll be Biggs and Barton related content going up on that site throughout the whole of the month.  It also means that I'm going to give away a signed set.  I'll sign them for you or for whoever you like.  All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is send me a message before the end of August with this important password in it:

Hi Hayley, nice makeover.

Send your message via the contact form on my website; you'll find it here.  Please take care to fill in your email address correctly.  One winner will be notified of their four-book-bonanza in early September.

And if you're wondering where the NEW words are from me - I promise you a great many new words next year! I've been proper busy.  On the quiet :)

Enjoy your summer.

Hayley x

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