Friday 26 September 2014

Bless my Cotton Socks, I’ve Got Some NEWWWWWS!

Loads of news in fact - about my next books.  And there’ll be two of them – both out next year and both with the very marvellous HOT KEY BOOKS.
First up, in June, there’ll be this.

It’s the companion book to James Dawson’s very very funny but also very wise, helpful and informative Being a Boy.  Now, I’m not about to tell you that I’ve also been funny, wise, helpful and informative because that would be HIDEOUSLY IMMODEST.  So I promise you nothing other than my assurance that I’ve worked very hard on it, done shedloads of research and now know loads of things I wish I’d known when I was thirteen.  Oh, and I can also promise you that it most definitely will have VERY FUNNY ILLUSTRATIONS in it - by none other than my fellow Ipswich-born Norwichian, the brilliant Gemma Correll.  She’s the one who loves pugs but not drugs.*
... next September, I will have a
And it’s called....

Sophie Someone.

I’ve been quietly writing this for a fair while because... well... that’s how long it’s taken me.  Sometimes, the slowly-slowly-catchy-monkey approach is needed.  Trust me, words can be slippery little devils if you allow them to be....
I can’t show you a cover for this book yet because it’s too early for that bit.  But if you want to read more about what Sophie Someone is about and what I said about it and what Emma Matthewson, my Hot Key editor, said about it, than please click here to read the press release.
So, yes, I’m ever so slightly, massively excited.
In fact, I look pretty much like this at the moment.
And despite this month's Troubling Haircut, that’s really not a bad look to be rocking.  

Before I go, please can I ask again that you click on my new website 

I'm currently on page 4 of Google, see, and ideally I need to be right there, slap bang, number one hit. Thank you, you are kind.  By the way, I MADE THAT WEBSITE MYSELF.

*Wise Woman

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