Monday, 8 June 2015

The 'Being a Girl' Book Launch

Well, Being a Girl is now out in bookshops and on the loose.  And what a hoot we had at the launch in Norwich Waterstones.  Firstly, there was badges and then there was wine and, after that, there were words too awkward to comfortably say out loud.

And then there was LIVE drawing by the marvelously talented Gemma Correll...

And there was rather a lot of book signing too.

And to top it all, there was even fabulous live music (except I must admit a total stupid fail because I haven't got any pictures of the ridiculously talented Woodland Creatures (lionesses if ever there were any) - so here they are in all their proper splendidness on the Youtubes.

And that's all there is to say other than this:  If you haven't read Being a Girl yet, I'd be very pleased if you would :)

More events are coming up this summer.  Keep an eye on my website for more details when I can tell 'em.

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