Monday, 2 May 2016

Quick Bank Holiday Blog

This is a quick bank holiday blog post to say that the book giveaway from my last blog was won by...
S T E P H A N I E   C O A T E S of Brighton.
Thank you to everyone who entered.  You provide me with hard evidence that somebody reads these words.
Sophie Someone will be available to buy in an attractive blue paperback edition from any bookshop from 5th May. 
What else do I have to tell you?  Oh yes, my plans for this summer? 
Well mostly I will be watching Euro 2016 and writing an MA dissertation about something I don’t understand in the bits in between – but as well as that, I will be doing a few book related things.  You can find me at the HAY FESTIVAL on June 3rd where I will be talking about FAMILY SECRETS with Jenny Valentine and Annabel Pitcher.  Or come and see me in my (once) home town of Felixstowe at FELIXSTOWE BOOK FESTIVAL on June 25th - where I’ll be talking about all things related to writing for children and teenagers with writer Ruth Fitzgerald and literary agent Hannah Sheppard.
I also have more events planned for the summer which will be announced very soon so if you fancy coming to say hello please keep an eye on the news page of my website.  By the way, I’ve smartened my website up a bit so that it now contains slightly less felt-tip.  Admittedly, it still looks fairly basic but when you consider that...
a) I manage my website all by myself and
b) I am very pre-digital
             ... you will understand that my website is actually nothing short of a miracle.
            Please feel free to peruse it and then tell me how good it is.
 Speak later. 

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