Thursday, 6 April 2017

Book Giveaway

This week I had two exciting deliveries through the post.  One was a box of very gorgeous American editions of 'Sophie Someone' (see the lovely binding below) and the other was a package containing some proof copies of my brand new novel 'The Nearest Faraway Place'.  The latter is not released in its proper shiny format until July so these draft copies are publishing-industry early-birds for reviewers and the like.  If anyone wants to pre-order this book from Waterstones or Amazon or their lovely local bookseller, they should be advised that all pre-orders come with a free virtual hug from me.

Having said that - because you are reading my blog and I'm not entirely convinced that anyone else does - I am giving YOU the opportunity to read my next novel WELL EARLY.  Also I have got too many books on the floor of my house.  To be in with a chance of winning a very pretty copy of 'Sophie Someone' AND a proof copy of 'The Nearest Faraway Place', all you have to do is send me an email at before the end of April which says:  Hi Hayley, I don't mind taking those books off your hands.

UK, USA and EU* entrants only, please

One random person will then be selected at random to randomly receive these two items.  I will also sign them for you or some other random person of your choosing if you so wish.

The random winner will be notified in early May.

*Because I am a European  


  1. Just reading a proof of your new book on my lunch break. Have had to put it down before I burst into tears... so moving.

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  3. Hello Amanda. I must apologise, I've got so sloppy at looking at my own blog that I've only just seen this! Thanks for the comment and I'm sorry about the tears!!!! :) Hayley x