Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Rabbit Riches!!!!

Last Friday, clutching a copy of my latest manuscript in my hands, I caught the train to London to talk about some serious WRITER STUFF over a lovely lunch. My lunch meeting was with Emma - the editor I am working with from Pan Macmillan - and Agent Yeelesy who looks after me from Pollinger Literary Agency. Neither Agent Yeelesy nor me had actually ever met Emma before and we were both very happy to discover that she is extremely sweet and lovely and actually even HALF FRENCH!

After Emma left us, Agent Yeelesy and I enjoyed a nice drink in the sunshine. Feeling lucky, I was suddenly overcome by the urge to gamble an entire pound on a scratch card. Everyone knows that scratch cards are for fools and this is probably why I feel comfortable with them. I won five pounds! Immediately, I swapped my winning card for five more scratch cards called RABBIT RICHES and this time, I had two winning cards!!! For one pound each!!! So I’ve kept one and Agent Yeelesy has the other one and hopefully one or other or both of us will swap it for a card which will win us heaps of money so we can run away and live in the sun.

In other rabbit news, Bunny Irma is malting heavily at the moment and it is impossible to pick her up without breathing in clouds of fluff – which is not nice.

Later this week, I’m off to Cardiff to do some writing workshops with the kids there and I’m very much looking forward to seeing my old friends and having a mooch around one of my favourite places on the planet J

This month I’m saying HELLO to my English students at Paston College, Norfolk who all did so marvellously in their A Levels and also a big HI to Clair in Llanishen and SALUT to Ana├»s in Belgium.

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