Monday, 31 August 2009

In WH Smiths I was nineteen....n-n-n-n-n-n-nineteen

And this month’s blog is a good one because it’s holiday time! To celebrate my freedom, I whizzed off to South Wales in my bumpy new car and picked up my friend Lynda for a girly drive around Cymru. En route, I stopped at a service station on the M6 to see if Lottie Biggs was available in the shop and was pleased to see that she had crept into the top 20 of kids’ / teen fiction at number 19. I was so chuffed I took a sneaky photo. 19 is loads better than 20.

Once I’d collected Lynda, we drove over some hills and by some ruined abbeys and reservoirs until we got to Aberystwyth and then we knocked on Gwen’s door and asked to borrow the keys to her caravan. Luckily she said yes because she’s generous and kind and then all three of us drove to the middle of nowhere and ate fish and chips and I drove my car around the world’s scariest uphill sheer-drop hair-pin bend back to the caravan and, thankfully, we all lived to tell the tale.

Then when we’d said bye to Gwen, me and Lynda drove northwards until we were up in the mountains and Lynda took loads of photos of the landscape so that she could paint it and I took loads of photos of sheep because I felt like it and then we drove back to South Wales and ate some more fish and chips and then I drove home back to Norwich.

Then, me and my husband flew off to Budapest and he spoke lots of Hungarian because he’s such a clever-clogs and I read some books and swam around in a lake and then we had a quick visit to Vienna and then we came home.So it’s been good! But before I go, I’d just like to mention Griffri in Aberystwyth who is so completely cool that he read Lottie Biggs IN PUBLIC – even though he’s blatantly a boy. And Meg who sent me a couple of very entertaining emails. And Vanessa from Manchester who chatted to me about the Twilight books while we were both on a bus to Vienna. And Melissa who did such a fab job of looking after Irma bunny while I was gone.

More in a month…

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