Monday, 30 November 2009

Secret Mission in Wrexham

The other weekend, my bloke and I drove 250 miles across country for a fun city break in Wrexham! Well…not so much a city as a modestly-sized town and not so much of a break as a serious research project. We were on a fact-finding mission to gather interesting details to help with the progress of the third Lottie Biggs book – which, I can reveal, will feature the North Wales town of Wrexham at some point towards its close.

The rough guide told me that ‘Wrexham has a curiously boisterous charm.’ I agree. And the people we met were all absolutely lovely too. It’s just a shame that their town was being invaded that day by BNP supporters and the necessary riot police but we took the advice of the nice helpful man in the bank who told us ‘to take care of yerselves, yeah?’ and stayed well out of the way.

From Wrexham, we drove in the rain to Llangollen and discovered, to our delight, the most incredible second hand bookshop in the whole world. It’s above a café and - as far as I could make out – it’s simply called ‘Café and Books.’ You know where you are with a sign like that! As usual though, I got choice paralysis in the book shop and saw so many books I wanted that I couldn’t choose which to get. In the end, I settled for a ridiculously out-of-date travel guide called ‘An Insight to the USSR’, had a ridiculously cheap cup of tea and went away happy.

This month I’m saying hello to my Creative Writing Gang at Paston College, Norfolk, who give me loads of ideas every Wednesday afternoon and also to Georgine in Australia who wrote about ‘Lottie Biggs’ for her English assignment and GOT AN A+. HOORAY!!! GO GEORGINE!!

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