Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Sneeze Cough Sniff

Oh…oh… I’m a bit slow as usual but I’d like to wish anyone reading this a fantastic new year and I hope too that you had a fab Christmas.  I had a lovely time beating my brother at Wii skydiving and wakeboarding and then I let him win at archery so that he didn’t get too sulky.  After that it all went massively downhill because I got flu and felt as ill as the illest person in the whole of Illinois.  Totally rubbish.  But Lottie Biggs will be keeping me busy in 2010 - I’ve still got a third Biggsy book to finish and a second Lottie book, Lottie Biggs is Not Desperate, IN SHOPS IN MAY!

And my first ‘hello’ of 2010 goes to Catherine in France who wrote about Lottie Biggs n’est presque pas Cinglée in her French classes and tested my own dodgy French with her cheerful emails and questions.  Et maintenant, je peux parler comme une ado francaise, chouette ou quoi?

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  1. Hope you feel better H. Loving the new look blog. HY.