Thursday, 1 April 2010

At last, I’ve made it to the end of my way massive pile of A Level marking and now I’m just racing against the clock to get my Lottie 3 book up to scratch before I hand it over. I’m nearly there – just giving it the final dust-down. In the middle of all this, I did find some time for a break though. I took my mum with me to Yorkshire so that I could have a walk around the house where the Brontë family lived and where Charlotte, Emily and Anne dreamed up their plotlines filled with love and ghosts and mad women locked up in the attic. I was hoping some of their genius might somehow rub off on to me but sadly I don’t think it has. Then we went shopping in Leeds and used the hand-cream in the loos at Harvey Nicholls.

And now I’m back in Norwich and waiting to hear what the world thinks of Lottie 2 (Lottie Biggs is not Desperate). It’s officially available from May 7 but last week, I got a nice surprise when I saw a whole stack of them on the shelf in WH Smiths. I looked at them for a minute or two and then I gently tickled their spines and sloped away before anyone could accuse me of being weird.

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Thanks :)

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  1. LOLL about the tickled their spines! And congratulations, it must be amazing to finally see all your hard work sitting on a book shelf for people to buy :D xxx