Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!

The other day I was at my mum’s house and she’d been sorting through a load of junk and had a big pile of stuff to throw out. Amongst all this was some ancient stuff of mine. Not very interesting stuff really. Certainly nothing that was going to make me an Ebay millionaire. Most of it – things like a Shakin’ Stevens album and my O’level Maths certificate (Grade D) weren’t worth saving and I gave it straight back to her. But I did rescue a hand-made Easter card, I’d made once at school. I’ve got no memory of making it but I suppose I must have done because I’ve signed my name in it. Judging from the quality of the Easter Bunny on the front and the handwriting inside, I guess that I was about four when this was made. It’s nice to see that between then and now, I have at least learned how to spell my name properly.

Hellos this month to Amber and Emily.

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