Thursday, 17 June 2010

Red Pandas and Stuff

This is the month that I discovered the Red Panda. If I hadn’t been taken on a day trip to Banham Zoo in Norfolk, I might never have discovered the existence of these very sweet little animals. They are very sweet and cuddly and have ginger bodies, black legs, stripey tails and white ears. In fact, they look like they’ve been made from bits of fluffy material bought in a remnant shop. The sign on their enclosure told me that they are mild-mannered and secretive and they like to spend most of the day sleeping. I really like them and think that if we all tried to behave a bit more like Red Pandas, the world would probably be a lot less stressful. Although it would probably be quite hard to get anything much done.
What else?

Had an interesting drive to Toppings bookshop in Ely the other day. The A11 was closed so I had to rely on Mrs Voice the SatNav woman and she took me on a very interesting route through the middle of Thetford forest and the Fens… and then I met Lotte (not to be confused with Lottie) at Toppings and signed some books and had a cup of tea which was nice.

And now I’m mostly just watching the World Cup. Every single game I can. And eating crisps and sitting about. The loud buzzy fly sound is getting on my nerves though.

Well done to Dzesika who won the Lottie artwork competition and also thanks to Ria who organised this.

And hello to Ellen who dropped me a cheery email the other day all the way from Perth.

I’m off now to watch North Korea vs Brazil. Come on North Korea!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout :)

    Ohhh- I <3 Red Panda's! They are so cute!
    Though normal Panda's are still my favourite animal [and turtles, and dogs!].
    Thanks so much for it :D
    -Ria xx