Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hammer Time!

It’s July and I’m a whole year older.  When I was in school I hated having a July birthday because it meant that I was younger than practically every one else in my class – but as I’ve got older, I’ve started to really enjoy the fact that I can delay the inevitable age increase until the second half of the year - and now, to be blatantly honest, I’D QUITE LIKE TO CANCEL MY POXY FLIPPING BIRTHDAY ALTOGETHER.  Although having said that, it’s not all bad because my mum gave me Wii Just Dance and it’s brilliant.  I’ve discovered that I have a very natural and real ability to dance like MC Hammer and this blog probably won’t be a very long one because any minute now, I’m going to turn this computer off, switch the Wii on and start throwing my funky shapes around the living room.

But first, I should tell you what I’ve been up to this month.  So let’s see.  I’ve watched the World Cup.  And I’ve watched the World Cup.  And in between matches, I’ve been mulling over ideas for my next novel.  In order to help me mull things over a bit more clearly, I visited London the other weekend and walked around Kilburn, Willesden and Cricklewood for several hours until my feet were ready to fall off and my brain was suffering from mulling-things-over-fatigue.  I think it did the trick though because my head is now bursting with ideas.  I also popped into the Willesden Library Centre and the Willesden Green bookshop and had a few sentimental moments to remind myself of the happy moments I spent in both these places when I lived on Willesden High Road in the WORST FLAT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

I’ve also been meeting loads of Norfolk school kids in writing workshop events this month– hello to Stalham, Cromer, Broadland and North Walsham high schools and next week, I’ll be meeting pupils from Notre Dame School in Norwich.  And then I shall be driving with my bloke all over Wales to see a few hills and a few of my friends and a few more bookshops.  Oh, I can’t wait….

Congratulations to Sophie Kenyon who won the
www.mykindabook prize of £100 of Top Shop vouchers for her suggestions for the third Lottie book and a special hello to Naomi who sent me such a very sweet email on the day of my birthday.

Hello also to Ria in London who sent me a blog award.  Have a look at Ria’s own completely brilliant book blog at
Anyway, I need to go now because it’s Hammer Time!


  1. my birthday is in july to and i am younger than all my freinds !!! what date is your birthday :)

  2. Sorry Isabella - only just seen this! 13th. Are we twins????