Monday, 12 November 2012

Afternoon Tea in a Swanky Gaff

As someone who writes novels, a large chunk of my time is spent in solitary confinement in front of my computer.  But every now and again, I get to leave the house and meet interesting new people. 

One of these occasions happened just the other week when I went to some swanky gaff in the heart of London and ate quail egg sandwiches, mint eclairs and champagne jelly with lovely Rebecca from Reading and her equally lovely mum.  Rebecca had entered a competition on the brilliant Movella website and eating caramel flavoured marshmallows with me was part of the prize. 

[How cool is that!  I LOVE eating nice things!  If anybody wants me to do this again for competition prize purposes, I am TOTALLY AVAILABLE.] 

Rebecca and her mum also got to eat stuff with fab Amy from Pan Macmillan Marketing and ace Lauren Ace (THAT IS HER REAL NAME!) from Pan Mac Sales.*  It's fair to say, we all had a totally lush afternoon.

For the competition, Rebecca had to make a 30-second book trailer for What's Up With Jody Barton? which didn't give away the all-important twist.  Her trailer was FANTASTIC.  Here it is:

Rebecca did the drawings all herself AND animated everything AND chose that cool music.  What a star!  At the end of our lunch date, I signed a copy of 'Jody Barton' for Rebecca.  And now I'm going to wait patiently for a few years and then, one day, I'm pretty sure that Rebecca is going to return the favour and sign a book for me.  Or maybe, she'll give novel writing a miss and be a journalist instead.  The questions she asked me were brilliant!  Anyway, what a lovely afternoon that was.

In other news, I've just joined the team on the girlsheartbooks website and will be blogging for them once a month!  Woo-hoo!  I'm very honoured to be asked on board.  My first blog will go live on the 19th of November and it's about some of my important firsts....

The Only Way is Jody Barton competition on Facebook was won by Emily Parry.  So Emily, you need to get in touch with me - via the fb page or the email address on my website.

Oh, and (she says very casually), have I just about finished BOOK NUMBER FIVE for Pan Macmillan?  YES, I FLIPPING WELL HAVE! 

*Amy and Lauren did explain the difference between sales and marketing to me once.  Between you and me, I didn't really understand what they were on about though ;-)

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  1. Woop woop. and i'm equally excited about reading it if not a tad more... :D