Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Next Book

... is out in July.  That's ages away.  But it has a cover already - which I think is pretty damn fine.  Not only does it feature a flying pig but it also features upside down clouds with upside down rain.  And now - because you've  seen the cover -  I'm thinking you may as well see what's written on page one.  Then again, I shouldn't really; it hasn't had the final clearance for take-off yet so the words could change a bit.... But...but... it's only me showing you, isn't it?  Where's the harm in that.  It's not like I'm breaking the Official Secrets Act or anything.  And nobody else has to know I've shown it to you....

It can be our secret.

So anyway - leaving aside the fact that it looks a bit wobbly and weird because I've had to jiggle stuff around to fit in with Blogger's boring formatting - the first page of my fifth book for Pan Macmillan is going to look quite a lot like this:  Shhhhhh......

.... and that's your lot for now :-)

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