Monday, 25 March 2013

Win the 'What's Up with Jody Barton? Audiobook

Just the other day, I arrived home to find a nice chunky parcel on my kitchen table.  Inside it was a copy of the audio book of What’s Up With Jody Barton?

This is Lisa Coleman.  This is not me.
Now as lovely as this package is – and believe me, it is very lovely – I don’t need it.  I really don’t.  I know exactly what’s up with Jody Barton and Jolene and Chunky and Chatty Chong and all of them.  Also, I’ve already listened to the audio version.  I have an MP3 file of it and I listened to it in my car once on a long journey when I was driving somewhere.  That may sound weird – me listening to my own story – and perhaps it is.  But actually, I don’t care.  Because Lisa Coleman – from Peak Practice and Tracy Beaker and loads of other programmes besides – is so side-splittingly funny that I ACTUALLY COULDN’T SWITCH THE THING OFF.  Because she was doing all THE VOICES and everything.  Lisa's interpretations of Whispering Bob Harris and Snelljoy were especially entertaining.   And when she got to the bit where Oprah Winfrey speaks to Jody via the old lady in Brent Cross Shopping Centre, I laughed so much that I almost stopped breathing.  And this isn’t handy when you’re driving a car.
So rather than be a danger to other road users, I’m passing my audiobook on.  

To be in with a chance of winning SIX CDs and 5 HOURS AND 25 MINUTES WORTH of my words and Lisa Coleman’s voice, all you have to do is send me an email via this contact form on my website which says:

Hi Hayley, I’d flipping well love to wrap my ears around that Jody Barton audio book.

Do this by April 25th.  I shall then randomly select one winner using my random names-in-a-hat system.

Good Luck J

Six CDs.  Count them.  I'm not exaggerating. 

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