Monday, 14 September 2015

A Few Events

I’ve got quite a busy period coming up.  Apart from being a student again and reading some ludicrously long books*, I’ve got a few public book  events approaching on the calendar.  Events are always nice because:
      a) they get me out of my house and away from my computer
b) I have a chance to chat to people about books. 
Who knows!  Maybe I’ll get the chance to chat to YOU?    :)
Anyway, here’s where I’m at:
On Sunday 27th September, I’ll be at the Bath Children’s Literature FestivalJames Dawson and I will be talking about ALL THE TEEN STUFF that goes along with BEING A GIRL or BEING A BOY.  Find James and I at the Guildhall at 5.30 pm.  We’ll even be passing around THE ANONYMOUS QUESTION BOX – so that you can ask your ANONYMOUS QUESTIONS ABOUT ANYTHING.
On Thursday 1st October, I’ll be at Leeds Waterstones talking about Issues of Identity.  I’ll be in good company too because I’ll be with Annabel Pitcher, Zoe Marriott, Martyn Bedford and Kim Slater.  I’m excited about that. 
On Saturday 10th October, I’ll be in the beautiful Norwich Guildhall as part of the Day of the Girl celebrations.  I’ll be talking about my book BEING A GIRL.  I don’t have all the event details yet but will twitface more news when I receive it.  Also, keep an eye on the news page of my website.  If you’re in Norwich or near Norwich, please come along because we probably know each other anyway and it’d be nice to see you.  Come along even if you don't know me and you aren’t a girl.
On Friday 16th October at 6pm, I’ll be at Gateshead Library with author Dan Smith.  We’ll talk about books and writing and pretty much anything you like.  I’ve never been to the North East before.  So if you live there, come and see me and say, ‘Hey, what kept you?  The North East is brilliant.’
So there we are then.  I’d be so glad to see you at any one of these gaffs.  I reckon they’ll all be ace.
By the way, my bonanza ‘Sophie Someone’ blog giveaway was won by Coleen who is over in Ireland.
And oh yeah.  SOPHIE SOMEONE IS AVAILABLE NOW.  It’s waiting patiently for you to read it.  And if you have read it and liked it – please feel free to make some noise.**  That would make me very  happy.  Ta x

* I'm doing an MA in American Literature and I opted this time for a nineteenth century module – I should’ve thought the practicalities of this through a little more.
**Of course you can make some noise if you didn’t too.  It’s just that, if you don’t mind, I’ll stick my headphones on.    

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