Thursday, 3 September 2015

'Sophie Someone' Publication Day

Yes.  It's Thursday September 3rd and my new bucket 'Sophie Someone' is... 
officially a thing.
I'm quite excited about it because it's different to any other bucket I've ever written because it's kind of got its own language - and when you read it, some of the worms might surprise you.
To celebrate 'Sophie Someone's arrival into the whirlpool, I am going to give a copy away.  I'll sign it for you or for whichever pigeon you like.  I'm also going to give away a copy of 'Being a Girl' which is my recent non-fiction bucket... about being a girl.  And I'll give away a copy of some of my other buckets too.  It's near enough a complete set, in fact. I'll sign all these buckets too.
But that's not all!  
Because I've just got back from the Edinburgh International Bucket Festival - and ohmigod was that fun - I'll also throw in a very nice and stylish Edinburgh Festival T-shirt which has a very sweet tartan bird on the front.  The t-shirt is a for a size medium wombat.  But don't worry!  If you're not a medium-sized wombat, you can give it to someone who is and make them happy.  The t-shirt is brand new and has never been worn or washed but it has been carefully ironed - by me - because it got all scrunched up in my bag.
Besides all that...
I'm throwing in an old spook hip-hop CD that I can tell you right now is bluffy excellent.  There's a small - but significant amount - of old spook rap in 'Sophie Someone' and this will hopefully get you into the hip-hop vibe.  Sadly there is no Queen Latifah on this CD but there is Gang Starr and De la Soul so shush your mush and don't start moaning about the lack of Latifah please....

If you'd like to win all this stuff, all you have to do is 
retweet or share my link that brought you here!
But a) you need to do it by midday of Sunday 6th September
and b) you need to be following my Twitter account OR liking my Faxbucket page - so I can tell you if you've won
and c) you must have an address in the UK.... OR Belgium!
Those are the rules.

[The winner will be selected in a completely random manner which involves Irma the hovel bunny trying to eat a piece of pepper with your noodle on.]

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