Thursday, 28 January 2010

It’s all takin’ and no givin’...

Maybe for you, Dolly, but for the rest of us, it’s give, give give. I’m knackered! And it’s only January! I don’t think much of 2010 so far. The sun never shines, I’m so freezing cold that my fingers are falling off and I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF TO DO that I can barely breathe. Stuff like extracting A Level coursework from my students. Then marking it. And editing and organising a creative writing magazine for them. And reading entries for a writing competition. And reading over the page proofs of Lottie Biggs is Not Desperate. And eating. And somewhere…. Somehow… I need to FINISH ANOTHER NOVEL.

Although, I have to say, that Lottie 3 is on its way. Definitely on its way.

However, in all of this frantic hectic schedule, January provided me with one moment of relief. I managed to pull myself away from the computer / coursework / Wii for a day and finally got to meet Inkymole – aka Sarah – who draws the covers of my Lottie books. She’s the same age as me and as she, too, spends a lot of time in her house I thought we’d have a few things in common. As my train made its way to Leicester, I was a bit nervous though. You read about these kind of email meetings all the time, don’t you. What if I arrived at Leicester station and Inkymole turned out to be a 65 year old Texan cowboy who wanted to marry me???

But it was all fine. I knew immediately we’d get on. And sure enough, we were soon eating chips in ‘Crusty’s’ and discussing our shared love of jeggings and Ugg boots.

By the way, this month’s photo is of Leicester’s number one tourist attraction – Gary Linekar’s dad’s fruit and veg stall on Leicester market. Apologies for the poor picture quality – this is what happens when you sulkily demand to be shown the cheapest thing in the shop.

And this month’s hello is going to Clotilde in Montreal who provided me WITH ACTUAL HARD EVIDENCE THAT SOMEONE OTHER THAN MY MUM READS THIS.

Nice one. Salut Clotilde et merci.

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  1. This blog is one of the few things that has made me smile today, thank you. I completely agree; with the bad weather and coursework, it's pointless. Next year, let's just scrap it after the 5th!
    And have a month without students. To join the Dolly theme: 'They just never give you credit, it's enough to drive you crazy if you let it!'