Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ah…. Vienna!

Ah Vienna indeed. After enjoying a brief visit to this city last summer, my bloke and I headed back there during February half-term to enjoy more of the city’s sights and to celebrate his birthday in grand style. Which we did do! We wore our shoes out wandering around in the frost and snow, ate twice our bodyweight in apfelstrudel and sachertorte (well I did anyway), marvelled at the magnificence and quantity of Austrian moustaches and nodded our heads appreciatively in front of the occasional Klimt.

It was brilliant. So brilliant, in fact, that we want to go back. I’d fit in well there. I’d get myself an expensive shoulder bag, buy a little dog to carry around in it and generally be as cheerful as chips!

But the truth is - ich bin Schriftstellerin und Lehrerin. And that roughly translates as: Stop dreaming, Hayley, about wandering around Vienna with a little dog in a shopping bag and get your finger out and finish writing your book and mark some A level coursework.


I work very hard but I’m lazy ;-)

But I have seen the finished pages for book 2. Hooray. They look beautiful. In fact, they are miracles of rare device and sunny pleasure-domes with caves of ice.

This month’s hello goes once more to Tracy and Melissa who took good care of Mrs Bunny while I was away – and also to my friend Kirsty who works very hard but is lazy too. Oh and also, a big hello to the girls at Weatherhead School in Wirral who I shall be visiting later in the year.

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